Understanding The Inexorable March Of Time

Time, and the passage of years, can be both an ally and a formidable foe. With age comes experience and wisdom, and hopefully a comfort with oneself that would be the envy of many young adults and every teenager. But time can wreak havoc, too. Disease lurks, and when it strikes, ones ability to combat it is weakened. Chronic disease becomes an unwanted permanent houseguest, and each day reminds us that there once was a time when we took feeling good for granted. Those who care for patients need to understand the particularities of aging and the risks of what seem to be rather innocuous therapies (although we should know that no therapy is innocuous). On September 23, the University of Texas at Houston Health Science Center is offering a day-long conference devoted to the special health problems associated with aging. It is open to the public as well as healthcare providers. If you live in the Houston area and your schedule allows, do yourself a favor and attend. Link to Conference Info

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