Keeping A Close Watch On This Heart Of Mine

I saw Ring of Fire, a musical life of Johnny Cash, at the Watertower Theatre click here for more information, a local small theatre near my home last night. I love live theatre, and this experience reminded me why. The actors were both talented musicians and singers, and the spare script, which consisted of a bit of narration but otherwise one Cash song after another, was a perfect vehicle for the simple, straightforward music of this country music legend.  Several songs were old gospel tunes, and a couple of Kristofferson songs recorded by Cash rounded out the setlist. Like most of the audience, I am old enough to remember the Johnny Cash show, and hearing those songs reminded me of sitting around the television at home with my parents and brothers and sisters.  I was moved to tears at times. This is the power of art; accessing memories and emotions with stories that leave the audience transformed.  Support your local theatre.

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