Every Picture Tells A Story

Stories are with us always, in everything we do, I think, and for me, that has been particularly true these last few months, as I teach my class to premedical students about the power of narrative, and as I work on final production of my second novel, Back Side Of A Hurricane. For the past five or six weeks, I’ve been working with the talented and creative artists who help create a book cover, which is a very important part of any book. I must admit that I tend to be attracted to books by my knowledge of the story or the writer, but there are times when I am browsing the bookstore or the website (these days) and am drawn to the artwork, just long enough to pause and research the book.  That is partially what the cover should do, but if it is well-done, it should help tell the story as well.  That takes work, but I think my publicist, the graphic designers, and I have gotten the cover of Hurricane right.  I’m excited about it, and look forward to showing it soon.


  1. Kathleen Garity on April 3, 2017 at 10:08 am

    Hi Bob! Have you retired? When do you have the time to do all of the above? Knowing you, you probably fit it into your work schedule. I’ve been thinking about you and all the terrible weather I’ve seen come you way. Hope you did not suffer and damage. Always nice to hear what exciting things that you are up to. Take care, “Murph.”

    • Robert Schwab on April 4, 2017 at 5:51 am

      Hi, Murph,
      I have not retired; that is my only remaining ambition professionally. Work is fine now, but I’m really enjoying my teaching role at UTD, where I have been given my own premed seminar on the power of stories and their influence on professional development. I’m speaking about this around the country a little, and writing still, although not so much writing lately. I don’t watch television, which is probably how I find time for these things, plus I get up at five am everyday and spend an hour working on this stuff. Not a particularly wild life, but it keeps me as sane as I get, I guess. Hope things are well with you. I see your daughters and extended family on fb. Much to be proud of. Keep in touch, Bob

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