Back Side of a Hurricane

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Published by: BookBaby
Release Date: June 28, 2017
Pages: 400
ISBN13: 978-1543900361



Back Side Of A Hurricane is a novel about fathers and their children, and about the wisdom of sitting still when chaos swirls around you.

As Hurricane Hugo turns toward the South Carolina coast, a man travels from Delaware to South Carolina, searching for a connection to his long dead father that he hopes will help save his marriage and his career, but the man he most needs to help him turns out to be the one person who wants his search to fail.

Tucker Nash is a man in motion, unencumbered by the need for reflection or deep thought. He is consumed by his work in multilevel marketing and poised to earn a promotion to the highest level in his father-in-law’s company. Success eluded Tucker throughout his life until he met his wife Bellamy, who gave him confidence and set him on the path to professional success. When Tucker learns that Bellamy is suffering from serious depression and contemplating a divorce, he enters couples therapy with her and discovers a lost memory of the only really pleasant time he spent with his father before his father was lost in action in Vietnam. His doctor thinks finding this connection will benefit Tucker and Bellamy, but a family illness forces Tucker to make the journey alone. During the search, Tucker’s impatience and bad decisions lead to car trouble that requires the services of Earl Pitney, a man whose reputation as a master mechanic and whose desire to bury his own past demons will be severely tested by the man who needs his help. If Earl gets his way, Tucker may lose his wife and his career. If Tucker gets his way, Earl will lose the peaceful life that he has built. If Hurricane Hugo wins, everyone may lose.

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"Like a hurricane, if the wind doesn't get you, the rain will, and Tucker Nash has many paths ahead of him: destruction, or redemption, or a little bit of both … Schwab is a solid, eloquent writer … Back Side of a Hurricane is … immersive … a hopeful novel about healing a life in disarray, and how redemption can come from looking at your life and relationships with a new set of eyes.”
—SPR Review


The idea for this novel began with a title, which came to me as I listened to a story about hurricanes. Research into hurricanes taught me that they gather strength by slowing down and that theme guided me into a plot centered around Hurricane Hugo in South Carolina, where a man who often mistakes motion for progress encounters a man who has learned to slow down and listen for the strength to find what he is looking for.