What’s Hurricane Got To Do With It?

My second novel, Back Side Of A Hurricane, is currently being shopped to publishers. When people ask me about it, I usually hear something like, “Oh, it isn’t about medicine? I thought you wrote medical stories.” Well, no–I write stories. Some are medical, some not.  “Hurricane” is primarily about the relationship between fathers and their children, and about the wisdom of sitting still when chaos swirls around you. Those seem to me to be pretty important things, and I contend that this book fits perfectly with my message to physicians, and anyone who wants to take care of people who are suffering: learn all you can about life, and about what it means to be human, because these things matter a great deal to all of us, especially when illness throws our lives out of balance. Restoring that balance (healing) requires a deep understanding of the person who is suffering. Reading good books, watching good movies, listening to good music, looking at a good painting, or watching a good play can all help us understand more about this business of human existence, and to connect emotionally with people who are very different from ourselves.  I think my book can help with that, too, and I hope it is available to you soon.

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